About Me

I have over 10 years’ of experience in IT Recruitment, Resource Management and Training. Worked at companies like Cognizant and Accenture.

Over the last 3 years as a Career Counselor I have counselled over 500 students from schools and colleges across India. I am also a certified STRONG Psychometric Assessor and an NLP Practitioner.

Career Counselling is aimed at helping individuals to determine their strengths, values, and interests so they can make a well informed  career decision. With my corporate experience I am able to provide a deeper perspective on work life and what it really takes to be successful in ones chosen career.

A career normally spans over 40 years (a large part of one’s life). It is important that one spends time and effort to understand the options that are available to them, and align with career goals that are best suited for his/her individual interests, skills and personality. I work with individuals to do this accurately and effortlessly.


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